Welcome to our Nursery Children's nursery school in Jarrow.
Childcare and Nursery Education from birth to 5 years.
Monday to Friday 07.30 to 17.30

Our Rooms

We have four age groups, all with light airy and spacious rooms, which contain age and stage appropriate furniture and equipment to enable the staff to deliver the highest quality of care and education possible.

Buttercups Room


0-1 year

This is where the learning begins; this room provides a welcoming home from home atmosphere with soft furnishings and lighting, which make a cosy atmosphere. The staff in this room are ready with lots of cuddles and welcoming tones to greet your baby. Our staff in the baby room genuinely enjoy their work and will show a real interest in every baby as an individual. They have a preference that they wish to work with younger children and many are mothers themselves.

Daisies Room


1-2 years

Provides a wide collection of opportunities for toddlers to explore investigate and learn in a safe, stimulating place. A messy area encourages toddlers to paint, draw and engage in a wide range of creative activities, and in the cosy area there is time to look at books, sing songs and nursery rhymes or complete jigsaws. The staff follow the children's interests and work closely with parents on things such as potty training.

Daffodils Room


2-3 years

There are two separate rooms which consist of a play room/cosy area/IT area and a wet and dry area which the children follow creative activities in and also have unlimited access to sand and water. The learning in this room is slightly more structured, but it is still based on observations and children's interests



3-5 years

As with the rest of the rooms the children follow the High Scope method of teaching, which involves your child planning, carrying out and reviewing their own work. The children choose which area they would like to work in and what they would like to do. There is still adult led activities as well as child led and the equipment is rotated according to the children's interests. There is more structure in this room but this is to prepare your child for a smooth transition into school.